The barefoot trail

In fine weather, rediscover forgotten sensations by leaving your shoes in the locker room and going for a ride specifically designed for your feet .. naked! The barefoot hike is an original activity of nature to discover your senses and the environment.
How does it work ?
It’s pretty simple. You store your shoes in the lockers and start a ride that lasts an average of an hour. All along the path specially designed for this purpose, you rediscover the forgotten sensitivity of your feet by walking on as varied as surprising materials: sawdust, pebble, clay, shavings …
Who can walk on the barefoot trail ?
This activity is suitable for everyone: families, children and adults will have a good time. Seniors will find a sweet outdoor activity to share with children and small children from 2 years old.

Schedule and prices

  • Free for children under 3 years
  • 3-12 years old : 3.5€
  • +12 years old : 5€
Everyday from April 15th.
Provide a small towel. A suitable outfit is better : shorts / short pants.